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[S2E11] Gone As A Girl Can Get ~REPACK~

In the team offices, Nate is needling Will, and Beard is still looking on disapprovingly. But Nate's big agenda early in this episode is pitching a new strategy to Ted, and while Ted doesn't understand it very well at first (again: Ted is not actually qualified to coach football/soccer), he winds up liking the sound of it and says they'll try it. But as soon as he's gone, Nate starts complaining to Beard and Roy about how Ted will just use his technique and take all the credit, which they say is how it goes with assistant coaches. (I'm not sure Ted would take all the credit. I think it's more like Ted would get all the credit.)

[S2E11] Gone as a Girl Can Get


This episode was really about the girls trying to sort out some messes and it ended up being one the most hilarious and entertaining episodes of the season as well as continuing to push the narrative forward towards the finale.

The next morning, Lorelai wakes up in a fabulous mood, pours herself some coffee and heads out on the porch. Her perfect morning is disrupted when her foot goes right through the wood on the porch. Turns out, termites have infested the entire house. Kirk, the jack of all trades, arrives to tell them what to do. He thinks this is super serious. The whole house could come down at any minute. Lorelai thinks he is overreacting, but the fact remains that Lorelai needs $15,000 to fix her termite infestation. Where can she get that much money? At school, Rory eats lunch at the same table as Madeline, Louise and Paris. They are not sitting together, but Rory can hear Paris asking the girls about their PSAT scores. Of course, Paris is just asking her friends so that she can gloat about her own scores. And what did Paris get? Well, she got a 750 math and a 730 verbal. And what did Rory get? Rory would not give up the goods because it is personal. And this drives Paris absolutely crazy. She just has to know if she did better than Rory; otherwise, she shall never be satisfied with her own scores.

In the meantime, a forensic report on the ring left behind proves that the girl is Katie and Forrester asks everyone to keep the investigation about the case quiet to avoid the media alerting the culprit. Forrester and Smitty head to the store and the granddaughter tells them about a grey van she saw. As they leave the store, Smitty asks Forrester to have a plan on how to deal with Dandridge.

Raines and Vo check surveillance cameras around the store and see an ambulance checking into a motel nearby. The motel called an ambulance due to some emergency medical situation. They head to the clinic to speak to the paramedics to ask if they saw anything suspicious. The paramedic tells them that they treated a girl at the motel.

Luckily, Forrester was right, he finds Katie and the second victim. There is a struggle with Otto but he manages to subdue him and rescue the girls. He calls for back up and the team arrives, as expected Dandridge takes the credit for saving the girls. He sure is shameless!

In the present, the black crew is getting lunch. Watson has returned from the SHU and being in solitary has made her more emotional than when I'm on my menses. Unfortch, she's in prison, so she can't soothe her soul with gelato. Instead, she just snaps at people and seems like she's on the verge of tears. Sorry, girl. Anyway, Pennsatucky comes in the cafeteria to remind everyone about Safe Place and that's when Black Cindy tells Watson that the group is basically for inmates to snitch on others and in exchange, Healy wipes one of their shots on their record. Pennsa tells them Poussey signed up, and Crazy Eyes says she will sign up as well, so she can spy on Poussey.

Pipes visits Healy and tells her she's being transferred to Virgina in a week because Litchfield is overpopulated. WHAT?! Next, we see Boo go to Vee because she wants to join the black-girl crew. Vee says she doesn't like snitches and walks away. Ouch. Boo is so damn dumb to think that Vee was going to take her in. Anyway, as Vee exits, one of the old-lady prisoners follows and starts to shiv Vee, but it's not Vee!! It's another inmate who has the same hair as Vee. #NotAllBlackPeopleLookAlike

The next day, Rufus and Dan grocery shop for dinner. Rufus admits he misses her a lot and he's depressed she isn't coming to dinner. They then run into Aaron, who is picking up something to bring to the VDW's. Dan makes a comment to Aaron about Serena's life being complicated, which Aaron doesn't understand. While trying to explain, he mentions the situation with Georgina; which Aaron plays off by pretending to know. He excuses himself and walks away. At the Waldorf's, Blair tries to confront Eleanor about not telling her about the engagement before anyone else. Eleanor pretends she doesn't know what she's talking about and goes to check the reservations for dinner. Offended, Blair tells Dorota that they're leaving since she clearly won't be missed and they leave the apartment. Meanwhile, Nate goes to the art gallery to return a box set to Rufus. While there, he runs into Vanessa; who asks why he didn't just bring it to the loft. Nate admits that Dan likes him about as much as she does, so that probably wasn't a good idea. He admits he somehow alienated everyone in his life and asks her to give the set to Rufus. He tells her take care of herself and walks away. At the VDW's, Serena makes Chuck promise to behave in front of Aaron; including that she's a party girl. Chuck deducts that she lied to Aaron about her past, but she denies doing that exactly. He gives her his word, then goes upstairs to meet with Eric in Bart's study. Aaron then arrives in the apartment and he tells her that Dan said something weird about a girl named Georgina when he saw him. Flustered, Serena chalks it up to jealousy and tries to change the subject. At the loft, Rufus gets a call from Lily; who tells him that she has something important to talk to him about and that they should do it in person. When they hang up, Rufus tells Dan that they're leaving and to cancel his plans with Vanessa. At the gallery, Vanessa is about to answer her phone when Dan calls but is stopped by an FBI agent, who wants to talk to her about Nate.

Back at the VDW's, Chuck helps Eric unlock Bart's safe. While they look through it, Chuck gets a call from Vanessa, who tells him that Nate seriously needs their help. Chuck initially blows it off but then decides to take her seriously. He leaves Eric alone at the safe and once Chuck is gone, he discovers several thick files labeled with his own name, one with Serena's name, and one with Lily's. Meanwhile, Blair and Dorota wander the city aimlessly. Dorota dodges numerous calls from Eleanor, then suggests that they go feed the ducks in the park. Blair thinks about it and decides they can do that, but warns her that if she even looks like she's having a little fun, they're leaving. At the VDW's, a caterer passes around glasses of champagne and Lily is surprised when Serena turns hers down, not knowing that she's doing so to impress Aaron. Upstairs, Eric shows Jenny the files and all the personal things they contain. Jenny apologizes for what he's going through, then asks if he's seen her emancipation papers, which are suddenly missing. Lily then calls up and tells them to come downstairs and be social. Downstairs, Rufus and Dan arrive. Bart is annoyed that Lily invited them, but says nothing. Dan goes over to Aaron, who accuses him of lying about Serena. At the same time, Lily shows Rufus the papers and he's shocked. As he's asking where Jenny is, she comes downstairs. In Serena's room, Aaron and Dan come in. Dan asks what he lied about and Serena answers that they should talk privately about who said what to whom. He falsely takes responsibility for lying and Aaron tells him to be honest about him having a problem with his relationship with Serena. Aaron then leaves to go to the Waldorf's Thanksgiving and Serena apologizes to Dan about throwing him under the bus like that. Dan gets over it, and encourages her to tell Aaron the truth because he'll find the truth out eventually. Eric then enters the room carrying all the files.

Dot knew Louisa from school, giving Fisher an extra excuse when introducing herself to Jimmy, who is also the station manager. But where is Jack? Collins whispers he's gone undercover. Inside, Fisher realizes Louisa was killed in the office and notes the station's pet goldfish is dead. Jimmy and Hazel insist Louisa had no enemies, though she did break it off with a fiance in Perth to take this job. Hazel says there were threats made against the station, but Jimmy admits that's been happening a lot in the radio world. They'd personally been on a high, with Hazel winning Best Female Talent at the Australian Radio Performance Awards. They also just hired Archibald Jones to do the hourly news.

  • Cover Up provides examples of: Big, Thin, Short Trio: The three robbers that Buttercup beats up and literally throws in prison fit this tropes.

  • Bowdlerisation: On CITV in the UK, the flashes that occur when Buttercup is attacked by the monster are slowed down so as to not cause seizures among epileptic viewers.

  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Buttercup, the toughest of the girls, has a security blanket like all the other girls. But without it, she becomes an emotional wreck.Buttercup: [sobbing hysterically] WHERE'S MY BLANKET???!!!

  • Call-Back: Buttercup's security blanket makes a reappearance.

  • Double Standard: Buttercup is a five-year-old, meaning it's normal for someone at her age to use an item for security. At the end of the episode, Buttercup finds her blanket in the Professor's laundry basket and is ecstatic to see it, but decides to give it to the Professor after a nasty Death Glare from the other two girls. The Professor begins doing the same thing Buttercup did when she had the blanket, muttering "I am a good scientist". Blossom and Bubbles don't seem to mind when a grown man uses the blanket in this manner, but get greatly annoyed when a five year old has a security blanket.

  • Hypocrite: Bubbles and Blossom make fun of Buttercup and treat her like garbage for having a security blanket, completely forgetting Bubbles has Octi, who is essentially a security object to her.

  • Inelegant Blubbering: Buttercup when her blanket is missing, courtesy of Elizabeth Daily.

  • Jerkass Ball: Blossom and Bubbles, Bubbles especially, since she has Octi, but gets on Buttercup's case for having her security blanket.

  • Karma Houdini: Blossom and Bubbles get little-to-no punishment for bullying Buttercup.

  • Little "No": Buttercup gives a memetic one when being attacked by the monster.

  • Mechanical Monster: The girls fight one of these in this episode.

  • Ocular Gushers: Buttercup cries these until a puddle is formed when her blanket gets lost.

  • Placebo Effect: Blossom exploits this to give Buttercup her fighting spirit back, by handing her a blanket that looks just like her missing security blanket but is actually a fake. It works.

  • Pint Sized Power House: The final monster in this episode is barely taller than the girls themselves, but still able to give them some serious trouble.

  • Security Blanket: Buttercup, like all the other girls, has one. But in this episode, it is revealed that without it, she lose all her courage to fight monsters.

  • Shock and Awe: Buttercup defeats a monster through electrocution.



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