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The Cricalpiner's spirit : One Team, One Dream


Cricket is a gentleman's game. The sporting bonhomie makes the game  super exciting and encourages teamwork, competitive fun and friendship.


We are a group of 'tennis ball' cricket enthusiasts living in and around Zurich. Every weekend and especially Sunday mornings, we come together to play this beautiful sport. Come peak summer, we try to sneak in weekdays in the evenings, post work. In the winter, we play indoors across the city. We also take part in tennis ball cricket tournaments played across Switzerland.


So, friends ! As much as we cherish the tinkling cow-bells in this graphic alpine valley, we simply love the cricket-bails too making the woody clamour when flipped both ways by a googly or the wrong one.  


Join us as we welcome you to play this thrilling game. Welcome to Cricalps!

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