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  • When do we play?
    Every year, our cricket season commences on the last Sunday of March and we carry on till the last Sunday of September. We play every Sunday from 8:00 - 11:00 AM in the morning. Any last minute change due to weather are co-ordinated in our whatsapp group. So, it is key to be a part of the group. In peak summers, we try to sneak in evenings post work and only if we have a minimum quorum of players. We are also planning to have practice sessions during peak winters in an indoor facility to have a bit of momentum in the lean season as well.
  • How to reach the cricket ground?
    We are looking for some new ground coming year. We are talking with authorities to get some ground where we can play and host some tournaments. We will update the details shortly.
  • How do I get enrolled to the Cricalps club?
    You can easily get enrolled and be an integral part of Cricalps. Please click here on this link 'Register Yourself' and fill up a form which will hardly take 90 secs. We are happy to see the club membership grow. So, feel free to invite your friends, colleagues and anyone else who may be interested in the game. We are keen to see children joining us on Sundays as well. So, if you have kids, you are welcome to bring them along and have fun.
  • What preparation do I need to have before hitting the ground?
    As a Cricalpiner, you are expected to come with your cap, glares & your bottle of water. If you have your own bat, you may like to carry that as well. For the rest, you need not worry and can leave it to us.
  • Do we play leather ball cricket?
    Cricalpiners decided that we reduce the risk of playing cricket as our reflexes nosedive with every passing year. We still want to have the fun and hence we play only 'hard tennis ball cricket' as of now.
  • Whom can you contact over phone on anything & everything about Cricalps?
    Feel free to reach out to anyone from the below list: - Vijay Bahuguni - 078 925 3872 - Pankaj Soni - 076 200 8191 - Pavan K Manda - 079 843 1683 - Manjit Nandi - 079 232 9253 Almost all of us are working / traveling professionals. So, preferably a quick whatsapp message to express your interest in Cricalps to begin with will be nice.
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