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Explore Card Betting - Seize Golden Opportunities in Matches

Card betting on Win tips is an intriguing type of soccer betting where players wager on the number of cards given to both teams in a match. This game offers a unique experience in predicting and analyzing situations during the match.

A Brief Overview of Card Betting in Soccer

Card betting involves predicting the number of yellow and red cards that will appear in a match, regardless of the match outcome.

This type of bet attracts many players due to its easy predictability. To increase winning chances, players can study players' personalities and card histories, the nature of the match, team tactics, and referee information.

What is Card Betting?

You can predict the number of yellow and red cards in each half or the entire match as per the rules of the soccer betting site. The advantage of this bet is its simple gameplay accompanied by extremely attractive rewards.

Various Types of Card Betting in Soccer

Soccer betting offers a wide variety of options. It not only stops at predicting the number of cards in a match but also includes many different types of bets. Depending on tactics and prediction skills, players can choose the most optimal bet type to achieve desired betting outcomes.

Popular Types of Bets

Asian Handicap Card Betting Strategy

Card betting is similar to Asian Handicap, with an upper hand team and an underdog team according to the rules. With this type of bet, bookmaker websites allow comparing the number of cards between two teams, similar to comparing goals. Betting is based on the final outcome, and rewards are given after 90 minutes from the official match end. This type of bet is divided into halftime/full-time:

Yellow/Red Card Handicap Betting

The handicap ratio can change throughout the match, displayed by the bookmakers on the betting odds board.

Yellow/red cards are counted within the field of play. Each yellow card counts as 1 point, red counts as 2 points.

Bets for the entire match are called FT, while those for halftime are called HT.

Utilizing Over/Under Card Betting in Soccer

According to conventions of betting sites like Wintips, Over/Under is also known as O/U. Before each match, bookmakers predict the total number of cards that the referee may issue to both teams. Players bet on whether the actual number will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the set number:

Over: Predicts the actual number will be higher.

Under: Predicts the actual number will be lower than the bookmaker's set number.

You can bet on the result of the first half or the entire match. When winning a card betting, rewards are given after the half ends.

Other Card Betting Options in Soccer Betting

In addition to the two popular card bets mentioned above, players can also participate in other attractive types such as:

Predicting which team receives the first/last card.

Predicting the color of the first/last card.

Predicting whether the total cards each team receives is even or odd.

Predicting the minute in which a card will appear in the match.

Predicting the player's name who will be carded by the referee.

The odds for bets from different free bookmaker offers can vary within the same match and may change over time.

Calculating Winnings from Card Betting in Soccer

The formula for calculating winnings from this type of betting is simple:

Profit = Bet amount x betting odds.

For example: If you place a bet with odds of 0.75 and you bet 200,000 VND. If you win, the profit will be 200,000 x 0.75 = 150,000 VND.

The odds multiplied by the amount you bet will give you the winning amount. The more difficult the bet, the higher the reward ratio.

Winning Strategies for Card Betting

To increase your chances of winning in card betting, you can apply valuable experiences as follows:

Study the personalities of players from both teams: Players with aggressive personalities tend to receive cards more often.

Check the card history in previous matches to better understand players who have violated.

Assess the nature of the match: Important matches tend to have higher card counts compared to friendly matches.

Consider the playing history of both teams: If a team usually plays beautiful football, the number of cards may be less.

Master the coach's tactics: Evaluate whether the team leans towards attack or defense, uses pressing tactics, etc.

Learn about the referee who will control the match: A strict referee may lead to more player bookings.

Remember that predicting revolving parameters can have many variables, so it's essential to consider carefully before making betting decisions.

Finally, always be ready to drop the bet if you feel the number is not as predicted initially.


With the knowledge shared by Wintips, you must have gained an overview of how to place card betting in soccer betting. Hopefully, the information and experiences shared have helped you understand this type of betting better.


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