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Foul Card Bet - Effective Betting Strategies

Alongside wagering on match outcomes, the foul card bet stands out as a noteworthy option in every football game. However, many bettors still exhibit hesitation, lacking confidence in participating due to the belief that this type of bet relies too much on chance. To seize the opportunity without hesitation, let's delve into this good soccer tips with Wintips.

What is a Foul Card Bet?

A Foul Card Bet, also known as Total Bookings, is a supplementary form of betting applied by bookmakers in football matches. When participating, players don't necessarily need to delve deeply into the technical aspects and the skill levels of the two teams. Instead, the number of cards that the referee issues to each player becomes the decisive factor for winning or losing.

Due to its less emphasis on technicalities, players also do not require extensive football knowledge, making Total Bookings highly popular. It's regarded as an entertainment option alongside mainstream bets like Asian Handicap, European Handicap, or Over/Under.

What types of Foul Card Bets are bookmakers offering?

Despite being a supplementary bet, bookmakers pay significant attention to this form of betting. Participants can satisfy their entertainment and earning needs through various interesting forms, such as:

Asian Handicap Foul Card Bet

The Asian Handicap, or card handicap betting, is applied by bookmakers when one team has a significantly higher likelihood of committing fouls compared to their opponent. This could be due to one or several players having an aggressive playing style or a team being compelled to play their best to achieve success. The method of determining the outcome is similar to a regular Asian Handicap bet, except the number of goals is replaced by the number of cards.

For example: Team A plays aggressively and has a physical advantage over Team B, so they are favored in the card handicap bet for the match. The handicap set by the bookmaker is 1 point (equivalent to 1 yellow card). Participants will have the following options:

Betting on Team A (over): you win only if the players from this team receive more than 2 yellow cards compared to their opponents.

Betting on Team B (under): you win only if both teams receive an equal number of cards or if Team B receives more fouls.

If Team A receives one more yellow card than Team B (1 point), then the bet results in a draw, and the player's stake will be refunded.

Total Bookings Over/Under Bet

In this type of bet, bookmakers predict the total number of cards that both teams may receive throughout the match. Participants have the following options:

Betting on Over: if they believe the match will result in more fouls than the number set by the bookmaker.

Betting on Under: if they believe the match will result in fewer fouls than the number set by the bookmaker.

Another scenario is when the bookmaker accurately predicts the number of cards. In this case, the bet ends in a draw, and players receive a full refund of their stake.

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First Card Betting

First card betting is a rather straightforward form of booking betting, where players simply need to correctly choose the team that will receive the first booking in the match. You don't need to worry about the number of penalties the referee gives; the bet will be settled as soon as the first card is drawn.

Another similar form is predicting the last booking in the match. Participants will anxiously await until the 90th minute to know if there will be any more bookings before determining the outcome.

Other Types of Booking Bets

In addition to the aforementioned popular booking bets, players can also engage in entertaining forms of betting such as:

Betting on the exact number of cards.

Total booking bets calculated separately for each team.

Predicting the color of the first card.

Betting on which player will receive a card.

Some Notes on Analyzing Booking Bets

While booking betting is a relatively simple form of betting that doesn't require much football knowledge or skill, players still need to understand the betting rules to participate safely and effectively. Accordingly, bookmakers only recognize and settle bets based on cards that meet the following criteria:

Booking includes both yellow and red cards, with yellow cards equivalent to 1 point and red cards counted as 2 points.

Throughout the match, each player can receive a maximum of 4 card points (equivalent to 2 yellow cards and 1 red card).

Bets are only recognized and points counted for cards given to players actively participating in the game. Cards given to coaches, assistant coaches, and substitute players are not counted.

Applies to all cards issued by the main referee during the official 90-minute match and stoppage time. In the event of extra time, bookmakers will create a new booking bet that does not accumulate with the previous total.

Mastering the Foolproof Booking Bet Strategy

Currently, many bettors believe that booking bets are purely luck-based, with no way to accurately predict. While this is not entirely false, placing random bets carries significant risks. According to experts, players can improve their betting success rate with the following strategies:

Researching relevant match data

Though not requiring extensive expertise, understanding the match can provide a significant advantage. Pay attention to:

Match history: Grasp the playing style and penalty statistics of each team's players in recent matches.

Individual traits: Football always has typical "hot-headed" players that bettors should take note of, as they are more likely to commit fouls.

Match conditions: Harsh weather, poor field conditions, and slippery surfaces can escalate disputes, leading to fouls.

Evaluate the game situation

A match with a significant skill gap can cause the underdog team to play defensively, increasing the likelihood of fouls. Specifically, the stronger team may adopt a calm, ball-controlling approach, while the weaker team faces defensive pressure and resorts to aggressive challenges, risking bookings.

Referee style

The uniqueness of booking betting lies in the fact that the main referee decides, not the players on the field. The referee's style of officiating and penalty decisions can significantly influence the outcome of this type of betting.

While some referees tend to overlook collisions and only award free kicks, others may be more strict, even issuing controversial bookings. By monitoring the referee's officiating style, players can predict whether the number of bookings will be high or low.


Overall, best betting tips app is relatively simple and easy to play, making it suitable for entertainment or for beginners new to this betting category. If you understand and are confident in conquering this type of bet, visit reputable bookmakers to start betting right away.


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