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[S3E13] Armed Dangerous \/\/FREE\\\\

Chase, Adam, and Bree attend their first day at Leo's school, despite Davenport's concerns about Chase's dangerous "Commando App", which activates in response to a threat and transforms him into Spike, a fearless and quick-tempered individual with increased physical strength. Adam, Bree and Leo promise Davenport they will keep Chase out of trouble, but his Commando App is triggered when he encounters Trent, an unfriendly player on the school football team. As Spike, Chase defends himself against the football team, which is upset that he is sitting at their "cool table" in the cafeteria. Following the confrontation with Spike, the football team is forced to sit at a different table and subsequently loses motivation to win an upcoming game, so Principal Perry attempts to retrieve the table for them. Spike, Adam, Bree, and Leo agree to play against the team in a football game, with the winning team being allowed to keep the table for themselves. Spike and his team nearly win the game, until he reverts to Chase near the end. Meanwhile, Davenport is irritated by interruptions from Eddy, his smart home security system which has its own personality.

[S3E13] Armed Dangerous

Adam dislocates his arm after Chase pulls a prank on him. After realizing how dangerous the world can be, Adam becomes overly concerned about safety and eventually decides to quit the team to avoid getting hurt again. Chase and Bree realize they cannot go on missions without Adam, so Chase and Davenport come up with a plan that convinces Adam to rejoin the team. Meanwhile, Bree discovers she has a vocal manipulation ability that allows her to copy other people's voices, but she gets grounded for using it to make fun of Principal Perry.

On Christmas Eve, Davenport learns that one of his research facilities near the North Pole is experiencing aftershocks following a volcanic eruption. Davenport sends Chase, Adam, and Bree on a mission to save Dr. Evans from the facility. After aiding Dr. Evans in stabilizing several of his machines, an aftershock causes his gammasphere to crack. Chase has to use his force field to contain the highly dangerous gamma rays while Dr. Evans devises a solution to permanently contain the gamma rays, ultimately deciding to implode the facility to contain them. Dr. Evans and the others evacuate the facility before it implodes, and the plan is a success. Meanwhile, Principal Perry stays in Davenport's mansion and makes Christmas miserable for him, Leo, and Tasha. Later, Principal Perry makes up for it by making a beautiful dinner for the family.

During Christmas, when Chase, Adam, and Bree discover that their new action figures are being outsold by a furry ball toy known as "The Nerble", they attempt to improve their toys by adding real bionic abilities. After adding them, they decide that the toys are too dangerous for children and put them in a box to be destroyed. Meanwhile, Tasha is running a toy drive at the school and collecting gifts. She happens to find the action figures and hands them out. When Chase, Adam, and Bree find out, they rush to the school and try to catch the action figures. After destroying the toy drive, they make it up to Tasha by letting the children have fun with their bionic abilities. At the house, Leo and Davenport have a snowball fight using Davenport's weapons that create and shoot snowballs. When Leo's weapon malfunctions and stops shooting, he decides to use his bionic arm to throw the snowballs, but Grandma Rose shows up just as he does so. Rose gets mad and calls Davenport a bad father for allowing her grandson to be implanted with bionics. Leo defends Davenport, who tries to make it up to Rose by giving her a Bree action figure, but it promptly explodes.

Although Leo is part of the bionic team, he is upset about the lack of recognition he gets from the public. Later, Chase, Adam, and Bree are upset and overwhelmed by a sudden influx of missions, many of which turn out not to be emergencies. They learn that Leo, attempting to gain recognition, has started a bionic rescue service called Leo Dooley's Bionic Superhumans. Meanwhile, Douglas is put in charge of developing new technology for the academy. However, his inventions wind up being dangerous to the students, due to his lack of experience with trying to help people rather than harm them. Among his ideas is a lie-detecting chair that rapidly spins a person around if they tell a lie. Getting mission alerts from all over the country, Chase decides not to go because at least half of the alerts are not emergencies. Leo feels he needs to fulfill his promises and save people, so he goes on a mission alone. Arriving at the mission site, Leo finds a helicopter full of people that is about to fall over the side of a building. Using his super strength, he tries to pull the helicopter back down, but it is too heavy. Adam, Bree, and Chase eventually arrive to help Leo and rescue the helicopter occupants. When Bree gets stuck in the helicopter, Leo rescues her before it goes over the building. He then realizes that missions are about saving lives rather than gaining fame. Later, Douglas uses the technology from the lie-detecting chair to tell if the mission alerts are real or not.

While Davenport takes the students to the Davenport Birthplace Museum, Bob stays behind and Adam teaches him about Halloween. Meanwhile, despite Douglas' objection, Perry visits a nearby island full of dangerous wildlife to search for things with her metal detector. Leo, Bree, and Chase go with her. Perry discovers a metal skull and secretly brings it back to the academy, despite Bree and Chase's earlier demands that she put it back where she found it. Perry tries to sell the skull online, but when the others see it, Chase decides to take it back to the other island. Bree, Leo and Perry experience several near-fatal accidents and become convinced that the skull has cursed them. They subsequently learn that the accidents were caused by Chase, who has become evil from the skull. Bree takes the skull back to the other island. Douglas returns to the academy and learns of the situation, explaining that Chase has actually become infected with a virus that affects anyone who touches the skull. He says that he previously used the skull as a paperweight until he spilled a virus on it and eventually decided to bury it on the other island. Perry was not infected because she was wearing gloves. Bree returns to the island with the infection and tries to harm the others along with Chase. Leo realizes they can inject Davenport's nanobots to remove the virus from Chase and Bree. Adam pretends to be infected with the virus so he can get close enough to inject Chase and Bree, thereby curing them. 041b061a72


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