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Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller

Ron Carter Bass Method Pdf Download

Ron Carter, the icon of walking jazz bass lines, has now re-invented the way transcriptions are written. The method is called "Chartography" (often misspelled as Cartography)and musicians will be in awe of how much they can learn when studying this completely new innovation.

Ron Carter Bass Method Pdf Download

"We are fortunate, as students, (and we are ALL Ron Carter students) that Sansei has codified his approaches to bass playing into concise and practical methods. Many decades of teaching at the highest level, at schools like Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music, and clinics and masterclasses at virtually every top conservatory in the world, insures his position at the top of the Jazz Bass Totem Pole, and the Bass Education Totem Pole!"

Walking Bass for Jazz and Blues is a complete method to help beginners master each element of Blues and Jazz walking bass. It is designed to develop strong harmonic skills, rhythm, phrasing and note choice.


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