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This work is part of an R+D+i project of the State Research, Development and Innovation Program aimed at the challenges of Society, focused on Innovation Networks for Educational and Social Inclusion. In this paper, the development, implementation and evaluation of a community radio project in which community agents and research members have participated is presented. Specifically, the focus is on the process of organizing one of the thematic blocks referred to a program to reinforce Basque language. Barriers and facilitators arisen during the project are further discussed. In order to develop this analysis, we have focused on participatory methodology and different information gathering techniques have been used throughout the process: minutes, field notes, interviews and spontaneous reports. Results suggest that maintaining sight of the inclusive nature of the project, shared leadership, the distribution of roles and responsibilities, together with transparency and respect for the times to agree on the process are relevant factors in the good development, implementation and impact of the community radio program. In the same way, the confluence of interests between the different agents, time management and issues related to ethics in research are some of the difficulties discussed. 041b061a72


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