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Monster Box Mod APK: Enjoy Unlimited Money and No Ads in this Action Game

Monster Box is a pastime game that helps relieve stress thanks to its beautiful graphics and effortless operation, a game that is very suitable for everyone, from small children to the elderly. Just by retracting and releasing to let the monsters fight, you can have fantastic relaxing moments. Capture the monsters in your boxes and use them to defend yourself! Create the best team ever! Very natural laws apply in this game. It is that the strongest will live, the weak will be defeated by the strong. The player must collect the monsters in the jars, and then when encountering a strong monster, release them to fight.

Do you want to play in a game that gives a fighting action between your monsters and other monsters? If yes, you will find the Monster Box game by Yso Corp fascinating. Here, you will have numerous boxes that contain monsters. You should set free the monsters from the boxes to go face to face with other monsters who will not hesitate to tear you up. Save yourself from the monsters and eliminate them all!

monster box mod apk no ads

This first-person 3D game allows you to capture and keep monsters into your bosses and use them to defend yourself. Form the best team of monsters that have combat skills that you will use to take down enemy monsters. Besides evolving them into huge and combatant monsters, you can participate in training sessions. Take care of them before going to battles.

Use as many monsters as you can to overcome other fierce monsters. Immediately after your monsters being unleashed from the monster boxes, they will take on the opponent monsters, fight them and take them down. This is a first-person game where you will only be able to view the hand of the character who will be hurling and unleashing monsters from the boxes.

The game features a great combination of 3D graphics and electrifying sounds that make the whole gameplay an enjoyable experience! In this game, the primary objective of this game is to capture and use monsters to make the best team of monsters and ultimately overcome other monsters. Download this game now and join over 1 million gamers around the world who are enjoying this game now!

The team at the YSO Corp studio has taken this opportunity to show gamers how life in the monster world is easy through inspiration from the Pokémon video game series. As such, the game presents lots of surprises and emotional game levels that you should take on to win and enjoy the entire gameplay.

Monster training sessions have been added to the game. Create your own team of monsters and train them. You will do that by encountering the monster and using a team of monsters to capture it. Just think of an effective strategy for stopping and taking down the monsters!

Very natural law applies in this game. It is that the stronger will live, the weak will be defeated by the strong. The player needs to collect the monsters into the jars, and then when they encounter a strong monster, release them to fight.

If your monster defeats the other monster, you will be able to capture it in the next jar. Take note of the health of the monster you own. If they are low on health, they are easy to defeat. At such times capture them back in the jar and send another monster to fight.

In total, players will be given six jars. In it, you will initially have two types: 1 to store the monster you own, 1 to store the monster when you win and capture it. The jars will gradually be unlocked as your level increases, and your monster grows.

Monster Box is a relaxing hobby game with wonderful graphics and simple controls that is ideal for all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. You can have amazing peaceful moments just by withdrawing and releasing to let the monsters fight.

Gloomhaven Helper iswas the officially licensed companion application for playing the Gloomhaven board game, without losing the board game feel. It tracks initiative, monsters, and characters so you can focus on playing the game rather than bookkeeping. Playing the game becomes faster, as does setup and tear down. The Forgotten Circles and Jaws of the Lion expansions are also supported.

  • monster ability card decks

  • monster stat sheets and sleeves

  • the monster attack modifier deck

  • monster damage tokens

  • monster and character condition tokens

  • the element infusion board, element discs, and round tracker

  • character HP/XP dials

  • character boards

  • Devices running Gloomhaven Helper can be synchronized over the network so each player can view and change the game state from their own personal device.

  • Rows are sorted using the initiative order, making it clear who is next.

  • Monster abilities report the numbers to use, so there is no math or stat lookup (Attack 3 instead of Attack + 1).

  • Monsters with ranged attacks always specify the range, so it can't be forgotten and doesn't need to be looked up.

  • When a monster is flying, the monster ability card shows the "flying wings" icon for movement rather than the usual "boot".

  • Monsters can be marked as "summoned" so you know they should not drop a coin when they die.

  • Monster stats are hidden until the monster appears.

  • Tracking element infusions prevents forgeting to move the element down.

  • Character current and max HP is easily visible to all players.

When the app first loads, you will need to add character and monster rows by clicking the menu in the upper left of the app. You can set a scenario by number to add the required monsters automatically.

Next, spawn the monsters in the first room by clicking the + buttons.RoundsEach round, you first choose two character ability cards from your hand, then click Draw in the bottom left corner of the app. This causes the monsters ability cards to be shown and the monster rows are automatically sorted in initiative order.

Clicking a monster box or character row opens a menu for adjusting the HP, XP, loot, blesses, curses, and conditions. You can drag left or right on the HP, XP, or loot buttons to adjust them more easily.

The summon icon indicates the monster was summoned, so should not drop a coin when it dies. The summon icon has an X on it to indicate it was summoned this turn and should not perform any actions. The X is automatically removed at the end of the current round. It is also convenient to lay summoned monsters on their side for the first turn they are in play.

The star icon indicates a monster is special or "named". Named monsters are not considered normal or elite and so are not affected by character abilities that target only normal or elite monsters (such as abilities that execute a normal or elite monster). Gloomhaven Helper knows about many special scenario rules and adjusts the HP of specific monsters when the star icon is applied.

  • Help When unchecked, the helpful messages won't be shown.

  • Hide stats When checked, stats for monsters that have not been spawned are hidden. Press and hold stats to show. Uncheck if you prefer to see what you are up against before encountering the monsters.

  • Calculate stats When checked, the monster ability cards show calculated values (eg, Attack 4 instead of Attack +1).

  • Elites first When checked, elite monsters are sorted first for each monster row. When unchecked, they are sorted only by standee number.

  • Drag HP When checked, monster and character rows can be dragged left/right to adjust HP. Uncheck this if you accidentally drag left/right or otherwise don't use the dragging.

  • Track standees When unchecked, the individual monsters for each row are not shown. Use this for when you want to track monster HP and conditions some other way.

  • Random standees When unchecked, adding a monster will automatically choose one of the unused standee numbers at random.

  • Expire conditions When checked, conditions that expire at the end of the turn will be removed automatically. When using this, it is important to click each row's portrait after taking each turn so that end-of-turn conditions can be managed properly.Conditions added on the current turn do not expire at the end of the turn. Gloomhaven Helper knows a row is the current turn when it is the first row that has not been grayed out by clicking the portrait. The portrait for the current turn is highlighted with a cyan glow.Care must be taken in some uncommon situations. For example, when a monster affects another monster of the same type, before that other monster's turn, the app interprets the condition as being applied during the monster's turn and will expire the condition one turn late.

  • Ability cards When unchecked, ability cards for monsters are not shown. Use this when you want to track monster HP and conditions, but not ability cards.

  • Ability numbers When checked, monster ability cards will show their card number in the bottom left corner.

  • Auto scroll When checked, the app will automatically scroll to the active row. This can be useful on a TV or other device where it would be awkward to scroll up and down manually.

  • Hide monsters When checked, monsters will not appear on this device. This can be useful when using network synchronization to have some devices display only the players.

  • Numpad When checked, click a character portrait to set the initiative number. All character initiatives must be set before Draw can be clicked.

  • Drag number When checked, drag a character portrait to the right to set the initiative number. If Required is checked, all character initiatives must be set before Draw can be clicked.With two columns of characters and monsters, this setting may interfere with dragging a row to the left or right. In that case, first drag the character row up or down before dragging it left or right.

  • Drag order When checked, drag a character portrait to the appropriate initiative order after clicking Draw. This setting is fast, but when multiple character initiatives fall between the same monsters, you may need to ask the other players what their initiative number is.


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