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Sims 4 No Jealousy Cheat

Similarly, the MC WooHoo module adds many different options to the WooHoo part of Sims 4. However, it also gives you the freedom to turn off jealousy too. So, you can use the MC Command Center with the MC WooHoo module to disable jealousy for good in your game.

Sims 4 No Jealousy Cheat


Look not further, for this guide will show you how to make your Sim ignore signs of jealousy.How Does Jealousy in Sims 4 Occur?To not get jealous in Sims 4, we first need to understand how your Sim gets jealous in the game and then try and prevent those things from happening.

Can my Sim get jealous? Sims can become jealous if their romantic feelings are not shared or they suspect or learnt their partner is unfaithful. Jealous Sims will often get angry to the point of fighting. Depending on their other traits, they can also get mean to other Sims. If Sims fall prey to fits of jealousy, their relationship with their partner is severely harmed.

Interestingly, Sims can be caught cheating by the ghost of a deceased Sim with whom they had a romantic relationship before that Sim died. The ghosts can even become furious with the Sim who cheated on them.

If children catch their parents cheating, they get the same relationship decreases with both their parent and the paramour and, if left to their own devices, may even attack their own parent or who the parent is having an affair with. They don't get any visible memories from this aside from any meetings, but effectively act like a Sim who has been cheated on. They'll either cry or get angry at the parent. However, if one of their parents had died and they somehow didn't know about it, it could cause needless drama if they consider looking for love again as cheating.

Whenever a Sim, who has a crush on or is in love with another Sim watches the latter partake in some romantic interaction with another, jealousy occurs. In The Sims 2, if Nightlife or later is installed, jealousy also triggers fury. This doesn't take into account whether or not the feelings are one-sided, which may be messy for unrequited crushes. If Nightlife or later is installed, and a Sim catches another Sim flirting with their partner, they will also be furious at their partner, regardless whether their partner rejects the flirt.

The witnessing Sim often loses the crush or love marker, and his or her relationship with the cheater and the one he or she is cheating with plummets into the negative. If he or she doesn't know the other person, a "Met Sim" memory is added along with the affair and possible "Fell Out of Love" memories.[TS2] This relationship drop enables breaking up, assuming the Sims were going steady, engaged, or married.

To apologize for an affair, select the cheater and click on the spouse cheated on and select "Appreciation/Apologize" from the pie menu, but only after the fury[TS2:NL] or "Betrayed" moodlet[TS3] has ended; if not, the betrayed Sim will not accept the apology. It is easier to repair relationships if the Sims are BFF's, if the Sim uses the "Smooth Talk" interaction,[TS2:FT] or "Repair relationship with..." interaction after studying "Couples Counseling".[TS2:AL]

As well as repairing jealousy, there is also a way to prevent it. In The Sims 3: World Adventures, a new lifetime reward is added; No Jealousy. This reward costs 10,000 lifetime happiness points. Purchasing the lifetime reward eliminates jealousy altogether. The No Jealousy reward also makes it possible to create a polyamorist Sim, with multiple lovers living under one roof.

With The Sims 3: Generations, when cheating occurs romantic reputation may change, and after sometime the spouse/lover may get the "Betrayed" moodlet and will autonomously accuse the Sim of being a cheater and their relationship will decline.

Sims involved in an affair can be convinced to leave their spouse, which immediately divorces the Sim from their spouse. The Sim that was cheated on will not get the divorced moodlet. The spouse that was cheated on will automatically become upset (if the cheating spouse is seen having an affair) and will cry.

This is a huge, curated list of cheats in The Sims 4 that allow you to get money, prevent death, and adjust your Skill and Career levels. We've also listed cheats for Get to Work and other Expansion Packs. Look to the bottom of the list for expansion-specific information. We're also updated with more official cheats from EA, including ignore career unlocks and MoveObjects!

To use cheats, press Control + Shift + C to toggle the console on and off. You do this on Xbox or Playstation by pressing all four shoulder buttons simultaneously. Press enter after typing the cheat. For many cheats, you must also use testingcheats on or they will not work. Most cheats are used in live mode (F2).

Pregnancy and Multiple Birth CheatsYou can use relationship cheats to Try for Baby quickly, and follow up with a cheat once the Sim is pregnant in order to force the Sim into labor. You can also cheat to get twins, triplets, quadruplets, or more! Find this near the end of the Pregnancy Guide or to get pregnancy cheats specifically, I've made a page about how to use Pregnancy Cheats which includes a video example.

To enable TestingCheats, open the console with Left CTRL+Shift+C (press/hold with one fluid motion in that order) or by pressing all four shoulder buttons on console. Once the white box appears, type testingcheats on. To disable testing cheat, type testingcheats off. The cheat console will say, "Cheats Enabled" or "Disabled". If it does not, you can try other options: testingcheats 1, testingcheats true, and testingcheats yes all work to enable the Sims 4's testingcheats. Once enabled, they should stay on for your save. Here are the things you can do with testingcheats - note that this command is also necessary for the extra cheats further down.

Shift-Click the Mailbox to access the cheat to stop a Sim's need decay for your current household or the entire neighborhood (effectively make everyone happy). Disable Need Decay will make needs stop falling and re-enabling them is as simple as selecting "Enable Need Decay". Make Happy will then fill needs to the maximum. You can do this on an individual Sim level by Shift-Clicking Your Sims. This will let you select to make only that Sim's needs static or make them happy by filling all needs. You are also able to completely redesign a Sim by shift-clicking them and selecting Modify in CAS. This takes you to Create-A-Sim where you can make the Sim look however you want, but not change their gender or traits.

Change Traits and Appearance of SimsTo fully edit a Sim in Create-a-Sim, type cas.fulleditmode with Testing Cheats On. This will let you change the gender, traits, everything, and is much more powerful than the scaled down version you get without typing this cheat. Thanks Pokeh321 for giving me this information.

Customize the size of Items - Enlarge or Shrink - For decorative purposes, this one is a winner. It allows you to alter items while retaining their other properties (so a masterpiece painting shrunk down will consume less wall space). This cheat only works while in build mode, as changing object size requires you to be able to fit it somewhere. Take the object you want to change size of and Press Shift + ] (right bracket) to make it bigger. You can shrink objects down to one tile by using Shift + [ or using Control + Z to undo your changes. Press this too much and it will grow enormously. The controls for this are a little wonky, so experimentation is recommended. I press control + ] then move the object to see the change. This is necessary. Thankfully, if you go overboard like in the picture above you can always undo it and shrink the object down to a size you like.

Powerful Hidden CheatsI am only listing the most common cheats here. More in-depth stuff, such as the ability to Equip and Remove Traits can be done but the list is too lengthy for here, so that is on its own page. If you want to go further and use a mod, you can change the weather if you're a Seasons player, and even alter whether a Sim is pregnant.

Money X - Type Money 50000 or 1000000, whatever you like, and your family will have that amount exactly. This can be used to subtract funds, because it sets the money to whatever amount you specify. Motherlode is a wonderful cheat, but somewhat outdated given this powerful function.

Satisfaction/Aspiration Cheats - Type Aspirations.Complete_Current_Milestone and you will get all the satisfaction from completing that milestone and move on to the next, one stage closer to the special Reward Trait you get for completing the Aspiration. You can do this repeatedly until you have every Reward trait and gobs of satisfaction. It's listed above but bears repeating here: Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points gives the selected Sim an amount of satisfaction equal to what you enter. sims.give_satisfaction_points 50000 would give you 50,000 (so do not use commas).

To cheat career levels, join the Career you want and with testingcheats enabled, type Careers.promote X - for example careers.promote astronaut would promote your Sim to the next level in the Astronaut career. Any Careers that have multiple words should contain no spaces, for example careers.promote secretagent.

Stats.Set_Skill_Level is the skill cheat. You must put a skill and level in the code. As an example, type Stats.set_skill_level major_painting 7 to set painting to level 7 - any level between 1 and 10 will work. Replace with major_parenting or vampire_lore, based on how the game defines skills which are listed below. Note the different syntax for fitness, minor skills, and children's skills. If you cannot get skill cheats to work try stats.set_skill_level adultmajor_x instead of just 'major'. You can find _ near the backspace key on your keyboard.


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