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Regency historical romance novels are considered a sub-genre to romance books all to itself. They include stories between the time period of 1811-1820, during the Regency Era of England, though some books in this category may expand the time period anywhere between 1795-1837.


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Even if you are a fan of romance books, you may turn a blind eye to historical romance novels thinking they are all bodice rippers or simply full of women in corsets falling at the heels of men among patriarchal society.

Fabio became a household name as the type of male model who would grace the cover of a historical romance book. His flowing long hair, chest revealing shirt with his woman draped across his arm may have been the standard book cover but things have changed.

Part of the appeal for me with historical romance novels is the sneaking around, the hidden glances or the slightest of touches that evoke such passion and intimacy among the heroes and heroines of the stories.

I consider the historical romance novels below some of the best books worth reading. They have amazing characters, outstanding writing and story lines and they transport you back in time making you feel like you are a part of the story.

Never Love a Highlander is my favorite of the McCabe brothers trilogy although all are wonderful reads. We have a jilted bride and a brother determined to redeem himself in this whimsical historical romance that had me glued from page to page.

In one of the most popular romance novels of all time, opinionated Elizabeth Bennet, one of five Bennett sisters, clashes with the proud, aristocratic Mr. Darcy. Read it then check out all the Pride and Prejudice retellings.

Julia Quinn is yet another one of my all-time favorite romance book authors. Her historical romance book series, Bridgertons, is being made into a TV series on Netflix so read them all and then binge watch the show!

If you're reading this, that means you're one of the many millions of people who have watched (and maybe even rewatched) Netflix's wildly successful drama Bridgerton, and you're already looking for more. We may have to wait a while for season 2 of the show to appear on the streaming platform (they won't even begin filming until summer 2021), but you don't necessarily have to wait that long to get your over-the-top regency romance drama fix. There are plenty of books to read if you loved Bridgerton and need something to hold you over.

Fortunately, it's not the only way to delve into a fantasy world. Add these books to your Amazon cart if you can't get enough of regency romances. P.S. Here's how to read the Bridgerton books in order.

Get into different Regency romance novels with bestselling author Mary Balogh's Seducing an Angel. There's a ton of scandal in this story about Stephen Huxtable, who is risking his entire family's reputation as he falls for widow Cassandra Belmont, who has been accused of murdering her husband and is intent on seducing the right man.

If you love the idea of Regency dramas, but you want something that feels more fresh and updated (like Bridgerton), then Mr. Malcolm's List is perfect. Jeremy Malcolm has been searching for a wife who meets his incredibly high expectations for perfection when he finally comes across Selina Dalton. She gets mixed up in a plot to get revenge on Mr. Malcolm, and the result is a fun read about dating games in the regency era.

If you're really just hooked on the Bridgerton family, then keep reading Quinn's books: she writes a lot of novels that focus on an interconnected regency universe, and The Rokesbys Series is all about the generation that came before the famous Bridgerton siblings. There are four books in the series, starting with Because of Miss Bridgerton, which is about Billie Bridgerton, who falls for the one Rokesbys brother she can't stand.

The first in Sarah MacLean's Bareknuckle Bastards series, this book shows a darker side of Regency London than Bridgerton does. The book follows Devil, a powerful crime lord and bastard son of a duke, and Felicity, an older wallflower. Devil needs to use Felicity to get revenge on someone, and she needs him to stop a rumor. As they use each other for their own personal gain, an unexpected romance gets in the way.

Who can resist a good friends-turned-lovers romance novel? In The Duke Who Didn't, Chloe Fong reunites with her childhood friend and sweetheart Jeremy Wentworth, the Duke of Lansing. His attempts to get her back are complicated by the fact that he has lied to her about being a duke. Not only does he have to convince her they belong together after she turned him away once, but he also has to beg for her forgiveness.

The Rake is a classic Regency romance novel and the first in the series Lessons In Love. Tristan hurt Georgiana badly by seducing her to win a bet, and years later, Georgiana is determined to get revenge. She plans to give him a taste of his own medicine by seducing him, then leaving him just to hurt him. But, as it turns out, they both like each other more than they thought.

This book is proof that a romance novel can only be made better by a murder mystery story. When Lady Katherine Bascomb's newspaper column on men who prey on women makes her famous, she runs, and witnesses a murder on her way. She's suddenly forced to join forces with D.I. Andrew Eversham, who she's never gotten along with, in order to solve the case.

In the first novel of The Rogue Files, you'll get all the classic Regency romance tropes and more. Flower shop worker Poppy Fairchurch is in love with the Duke of Autenberry despite the fact that she has no chance with him. But when she saves him from a carriage and he falls into a coma, she's mistaken as his fiance, and she seizes her chance. Only the Duke's half-brother, Struan Mackenzie, is suspicious of the lie. Juicy!

In this story, Izzy wants to be a writer so retreats to her castle to write her novels. Meanwhile, Ransom shows up to the castle he still believes is rightfully his. Hilarity and romance ensue. I loved this romance novel based on Beauty and the Beast and it is another perfect pick for books like Bridgerton.

Gossip Girl meets Pride and Prejudice? YES, PLEASE! Georgianna is thrust into the world of the Regency elite in. Lower class Georgianna is thrust into the elite circle of regency society, and it might just be her downfall.

This bitchy, riotous take on the regency era had me gasping with shock and flipping the pages at the speed of light. I would love to see this story adapted to the big (or small) screen like the Bridgerton book series.

Mr. Malcolm has a list of qualifications that he needs in a woman before he can consider marrying her. Julia, feeling spurned, decides to get her revenge. She invites her school friend Selina to come and stay with her for the season. The plan? to have Mr. Malcolm fall for Selina and ultimately be rejected himself. This is an adorable romance that is also available to watch on Amazon Prime.

The Toll Gate gives you a word picture of what life was like in that era and it was a delightful tale ,an orphan could be sent to the parish, there were live- in toll gates (with a modicum of comfort), highwaymen were a fact of life, and then there is the romance angle.

"Marianne and Drew's friendship and romance bring a delectable sizzle and emotional intimacy to this historically informative, beautifully layered, and spiritually inspirational tale about loving someone enough to let them go."

Dig into this list of 23 of the sexiest suggestions for erotic books to read if you devoured Fifty Shades of Grey, from historical romances to dark and intense BDSM-themed stories. This list of orgasm-inducing erotica includes the OG Fifty Shades: The Story of O (it's seriously intense and very hot), Bound to You by Nichi Hodgson (a true story about a woman trying to make it in media who becomes a professional dominatrix to pay the bills) and a brand new collection of short stories titled Anonymous Sex, including a filthy retelling of the classic fairytale Rapunzel.

Another erotic book that made it to the big screen, Call Me By Your Name follows the blossoming romance between Elio and Oliver during a summer trip to Italy. Like the film, the book is highly erotic in places (with plenty of detail).

New as of October 2021, graphic designer Michelle is hired to lead a marketing campaign for a gym - only to be reunited with her old best friend Gabriel after 13 years. There's still a spark between them and neither can resist as their reunion turns to romance. Expect seduction and lots of sexy situations.

If you're into historical erotic fiction, this one's for you. Countess Catherine St. Day is in need of someone to translate her late husband's astronomy text and continue his work when the young Lucy Muchelney turns up at her door. However, it's not just the work that brings these two together, as they embark on an erotic romance.

Another newbie for 2021, this steamy medical romance will be enough to rival your Grey's Anatomy obsession. The book follows Dr. Carolina Ramirez, who's more than happy to discover that Dr. Hector Medina (her career idol) is her new boss. The pair have an undeniable intellectual spark and physical connection but, after a chemistry-filled encounter, Hector leaves town.

Jackson Steele knows how to get what he wants; and Sylvia Brookes is the disciplined woman he needs. Full of romance as well as steamy sex scenes, Say My Name is the first in a steamy trilogy (the other books are called On My Knees and Under my Skin) of passion, revenge and secrets. 076b4e4f54


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