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European Odds 1×2: Secrets and How to Read Odds in detail

European Handicap 1×2, one of the popular types of bets in the bet bookmaker brings excitement and high chances of winning to football lovers. Even though they are familiar with this concept, many bettors still wonder how to read the odds and choose the right bet. Let's learn more about European handicap 1×2 in the article below.

What is European Handicap 1×2?

1×2 European odds, also known as 3-way European odds, is a popular form of betting, especially in soccer. Contrary to Asian odds, here, players have 3 options: home team wins (1), two teams draw (x), and away team wins (2). The house will give a corresponding reward rate for each door, reflecting the difference in the winning ability of the teams.

How to Read European Odds 1×2:

1 (Home Win):

If you choose 1 and the home team wins, you win the bet.

x (Draw):

Choosing x means you predict the match will end in a draw. If correct, you will receive a bonus.

2 (Away Win):

When you choose 2 and the away team wins, you will receive a reward.

The bonus rate is determined by the bookmaker based on an assessment of the playing ability of the two teams. A high spread often reflects the more solidity of the higher-rated team.

Benefits of European Handicap 1×2:

Easy to Play and Understand:

With only 3 options, European 1×2 odds are easy to understand and suitable for even beginners to bet.

High Chance of Winning:

High chances of winning when there is an additional tie option, giving players more chances of winning the bet.

Suitable For Everyone:

Players can choose according to the bookmaker meaning in betting team they support or predict the result of the entire match.

The above article hopes to help you better understand European 1×2 odds and how to read the odds. Be confident in choosing the door and join the fascinating world of soccer betting!

How to Calculate Money and Experience Winning European Handicap 1×2

How to calculate the payout for European 1×2 handicap is not complicated, and with the right strategy you can enjoy significant wins. Below is how to calculate money and winning experiences when participating in European handicap 1×2.

How to Calculate Money:

The formula for calculating money for European 1×2 odds is: Profit = Bet x winning rate

Let's look at a specific example to understand better. In the match between America de Cali and Atletico Huila, the bookmaker offers the following odds:

Home team America de Cali has a win rate of 1.67.

Away team Atletico Huila has a win rate of 7.9.

For a draw, the win rate is 2.64.

If you bet 100 coins:

If you choose the home team and that team wins, you will receive 100 x 1.67 = 167 VND.

If you choose the away team and that team wins, you will receive 100 x 7.90 = 790 VND.

If you choose a draw and the match ends in a draw, you will receive 100 x 2.64 = 264 VND.

How to Make Money and Winning Experience:

When to Choose the Home Team to Win:

The home team is in high form and ranked in the top 3 and top 4 on the rankings.

The home team belongs to the list of strong teams such as Bayern Munich, Man City, Liverpool, Paris Saint Germain, and opponents in the top 10.

The home team's scoring form is good, scoring more than 15 goals in the last 5 matches.

The home team has no problems with form and squad.

When to Pick the Away Team to Win:

The away team has been in good form recently.

The away team plays well as guests.

The away team is considered a "dark horse" and has a high win rate when facing strong teams.

The match has a derby or El Clasico nature.

When to Choose Tie:

The difference in class between the two teams is not large.

Both teams play defensively, prioritizing defense.

Both teams are not under pressure in terms of scores and rankings.

The match is only a formality.

Weak teams play defense when encountering strong teams.

Experience Playing European Handicap 1×2:

Carefully analyze the situation of the two teams before placing a bet.

When managing capital, don't put it all in one place to avoid big risks.

Always check the new uk bookmaker odds, as they can change based on different factors.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to ensure safety and reliability.


European Handicap 1×2 is not only easy to play but also brings high winning rates. It is important to choose a trustworthy bookmaker to enjoy a safe and successful betting experience. Wishing you play European handicap 1×2 smartly and smoothly!


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