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Buy Fins

Many folks use fins for fun water activities. Admin discusses the pros and cons of using fins for Snorkel Planet. Sea Paradise is the best way to snorkel on the Big Island regardless of whether or not you choose to use fins.

buy fins

View fins as an extension of your feet. Just like fish, their tail fin makes them head from one direction to the other in a split second. Now even though we snorkelers are slower swimmers, fins can assist us big time when it comes to making turns.

The same goes for snorkeling. You can easily hurt yourself if you snorkel close to a reef or a rocky wall. And if you decide to stand up for a moment to catch your breath, well, you never know what you could be standing on. Therefore, wearing fins is not a bad idea at all.

Besides protecting your feet from injuries, how about emergencies. In case you find yourself in some kind of trouble and you want to head back to the beach as fast as possible, fins are more than just a luxury. Danger could suddenly appear, like a storm or a group of jellyfish. Heaving back quickly is probably what you decide to do.

The problem with kids could be their excitement. They like to play around and enjoy every wave or fish they come across. Unfortunately it happens all the time that kids hurt other people who are simply enjoying a quiet swim. Since they are not used to wear fins, they might forget about how big they actually are. So, if you buy them a pair, make sure they use them wisely.

These fins are more easy to put on and they are tightened by using a heel strap. This means that you put your foot inside the fin and then tighten the strap to your personal preference. There are a couple of variations to this mechanism but we think you get the point.

These fins look like the closed fins we started with. However, they have a hinge between the foot and the fin area. This enables the blade to be more flexible and bend whenever you try to propel yourself.

Paddle fins are meant to move you forward as soon as you start to make your propulsion movements. These movements are a combination of using your hips and knees. Because of the big surface you will be moving forward both quickly and continuously.

Fins are not necessary for snorkeling. However, they provide a few big advantages that can make snorkeling more efficient. We share a video in our discussion Does snorkeling require swimming?. The guy demonstrates exactly how to get started with fins.

Open-heel fins, on the other hand, do not cover your entire heel. Instead, they have rubber straps that you can adjust for a comfortable fit. Open-heel fins provide much-needed foot traction during rocky shore diving. We recommend that you wear this type of fins with diving boots for greater protection from cold underwater temperatures. offers various foot fins and related scuba gear for all types of divers. Our wide selection lets you search for products according to brand, fin style, features, and price range. If you want to get stylish with your fins, we also carry orange scuba fins and purple scuba fins that will help you stand out when diving underwater.

Scuba fins are often longer and stiffer to help divers generate more thrust with better energy efficiency. Thrust is much more important in diving than in snorkeling because divers swim in deeper water and carry heavy gear. It takes more thrust to propel a geared-up scuba diver through the water.

Many scuba-diving fins are open heels as well, because scuba divers are more likely to swim in cold water where booties are a necessity. Snorkelers on the surface of tropical waters can use shorter, closed-back fins without worrying about water temperature or feeling cold.

Most lap swimming fins are "full foot," meaning they are designed to encase the entire foot like a shoe. However, some models come with an adjustable back heel strap instead. The attributes of different heel styles are explained below.

The right type of fins can be valuable training tools that help their users increase leg strength and develop proper kicking technique during swim workouts. Once you have the right fit and model, you're sure to enjoy the speed and variety fins add to your swim gear and athletic performance. Remember, though, that swimming with flippers all the time will make it that much harder when you have to take them off. Check out the most popular swim training and diving fins from top brands like FINIS, Speedo, and TYR!

Open-heel scuba fins feature a firm foot pocket that is open at the rear. A strap that reaches from either side of the fin and around the back of your heel keeps the fins in place on your feet. Divers who use open-heel fins always wear diving boots, which either attach directly to their drysuits, or are separate neoprene booties dedicated to scuba diving. As you can imagine, wearing boots with a thick sole allows divers to walk comfortably over sand, rocks, or other surfaces.

Once the preserve of technical divers, heavy jet fins are growing in popularity and plenty of recreational-only divers prefer them. You can tell jet fins by their seemingly clunky design, vented slots near the foot pocket, and by the fact that most are exclusively black.

Full-foot fins come in traditional size categories and often in ranges, for example, size 39 to 41. To check if a full-foot fin fits well, roll the back of the foot pocket down and slot your foot in. Then roll the rubber pocket back up and over your heel. Your foot should be quite snug but not constricted in any way.

The USED SURFBOARD FIN Program at USEDSURFWE PURCHASE used sets of Surfboard Fins.WHAT WE PAY - We are a retail store that is able to purchase fin sets for wholesale pricing direct from manufacturer. Therefore, we would not be offering more for fins than what we can buy a new set from our vendors. WE PAY YOU 1/2 of what we would sell the used set for. As an example, If we, in our best estimation/experience, feel your fin set of good condition fcs2 Kolohe mediums would sell for 60.00, we will pay you 30.00.WHAT WE BUYWe only purchase PREMIUM fins compatible with FCS, FCS-2, and Futures.WHAT WE DON'T BUYWe DO NOT purchase plastic/composite fins.We DO NOT purchase Dedicated Quad Sets (with the exception of Split Keel, Sea Worthy, Controllers, Stretch quad and Rasta quad)We DO NOT purchase Single Fins at this timePLEASE do not call - If you would like to sell your used set of fins you can: visit our store during business hours or text photos of the fins to 949 310 6602 or email photos of the fins to info@usedsurf.comFIN PHOTOS must be In focus, revealing ,and showing both sides of the fin set. Please do this in the LEAST amount of photos possible. (MAX. 7 Photos)

I prefer open heel diving fins for shore diving because you can walk out with your booties and put the fins on later. Personally, I find they are more comfortable if you are spending a lot of time in the water.

Split fins are inspired by fish fins, split up the middle to reduce drag. They provide better propulsion than a single blade fin with less effort. Some people find them too floppy, but it all depends on how you swim with them.

Hinged fins have a pivot point where the foot meets the blade allowing the angle to be adjusted according to your needs. They are also useful for shore diving as the fin can be worn with the blade lifted out of the way allowing you to walk more easily.

Excellent for both divers and snorkelers, the Oceanic Viper 2 Open Heel fins are lightweight and flexible. These fins are great for travellers too, their shorter length and flexibility mean they can fit in smaller bags.

The Oceanic Viper 2s come in both an open heel and a full foot design. The blade is vented, allowing good movement in the water as well as a good grip. These fins are designed to be energy efficient, ideal for beginners or those who want to spend longer in the water.

Lightweight and comfortable, the Oceanic Accel Open Heel Fins (dive boots needed) are a simplified take on scuba fins for recreational divers. Additionally, these are also ideal for snorkelers, beachgoers and travelers due to their portability.

Weighing less than 3lbs and with a maximum length of 21 inches, these fins can fit into backpacks and smaller bags. Although they are lightweight, the Oceanic Accel Open Heel Fins are designed to provide quite a bit of thrust, and their large, soft silicone straps are supposed to offer comfort and ease of use.

The Aqua Lung Express fins are one of the bigger models and some of the most popular snorkeling fins on the market. This is because they provide snorkelers with a good balance between power and speed making them suitable for all levels.

The Aqua Lung Express features a midfoot Flex Joint that creates more rigidity, increasing the power of each fin stroke. All fins are designed with anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom of the foot pocket for maximum traction against slippery surfaces making it an excellent choice for spearfishing as well as open water snorkeling/diving.

The Cressi Reaction Pro Fins are efficient thanks to their fins thickness design. The blade is thicker at the front end of the foot and becomes progressively thinner towards the end, helping to propel you through the water.

I prefer open heel fins for shore diving because you can walk out with your booties and put the fins on later. Personally I find they are more comfortable if you are spending a lot of time in the water.

There are a few different ways open heel diving fins can be attached to your feet. A basic buckle lets you adjust fin tension once your foot is inside. I am not a fan of these as I find they can start to loosen after a while.

Some types of buckles have a quick release so you can adjust the fit once and then never have to change it. These are easier to put on while in the water than most full foot or basic strap diving fins.

I Love my spring kit system which entirely replaces the buckle and straps originally supplied with my fins. Spring tension cannot be adjusted, so I took my fins and booties into the shop and tried several sets before I found the right size. 041b061a72


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