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Charlie Chaplin Complete Filmography (87 Movies) 13 DVDs

yes, im with ted okuda and david maskias charlie chaplin at keystone, essanay and mutual: dawn of the tramp (2005) which has just got me back into the chaplin cult, which im very glad to be a part of. however, that some of the posters look old (and the title hasnt been updated for around a decade now) makes me wonder if this book is the most up-to-date.

Charlie Chaplin Complete Filmography (87 Movies) 13 DVDs

charlie chaplin is arguably the most important comedian of all time, having made more than a hundred films during his lifetime. the thirteen discs in this set contains all of charlie's films that were made at the mutual film corporation (mfc) studio from 1916 to 1926. the majority of these films were made at the mommons studios, chaplins new hollywood studio built specifically for him. mommons contained a series of large, lavish sets.

what you will find in this box set is the restoration/remastering of several older chaplin films from the mutuall set. if you want a good, thorough, remastered copy of the kid, look no further. it contains the films the kid (1921), the gold rush (1925) and the circus (1928). all three feature the then-revered john barrymore as the title character. worth checking out if you are curious about the man, at any rate.the box set also includes the film modern times (1936). we also recommend the restored collection box set by the numbers (see box below). this includes the films the idle class (1930), the vagabond (1933), the gold rush (1925) and the circus (1928), as well as the all-new the gold rush (1925) (see below), and the newly edited version of monsieur verdoux (1947) (box set by the numbers ). the four discs also include the artist (1952), plus the newly remastered version of limelight (1952). this final collection, featuring charlie's film in its final silent moment (he didn't return to film until limelight was a hit in 1952) represents the last film that chaplin made before he died in 1977, just weeks shy of his 89th birthday.


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