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BombSquad Mod Manager: How to Download Zip File and Install Mods for the Game


BombSquad is a fun and explosive multiplayer game that lets you blow up your friends in various mini-games. You can play with up to 8 players locally or online, using touch screens, controllers, or even phones and tablets as controllers. The game features hilarious ragdoll physics, colorful graphics, and a variety of characters and maps.

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One of the best things about BombSquad is that it supports modding, which means you can customize and enhance your game experience with community-created content. Mods are modifications or additions to the game that can change anything from the gameplay mechanics, graphics, sounds, maps, characters, and more. Mods can make the game more challenging, more diverse, more funny, or more personalized.

However, finding, downloading, installing, and managing mods for BombSquad can be a bit tricky and tedious. That's where the mod manager comes in handy. The mod manager is a tool that simplifies and streamlines the process of modding BombSquad. It allows you to browse, download, install, update, and delete mods with just a few clicks. It also helps you keep track of your installed mods and their compatibility with your game version.

What is the mod manager?

The mod manager is a mod for BombSquad that acts as a plugin manager for other mods. It was created by Mrmaxmeier, a member of the BombSquad community, who also made many other mods for the game. The mod manager was originally designed for BombSquad versions 1.4.x and lower, but it has been archived by the developer since it is not compatible with newer versions of BombSquad (1.5.x and higher).

The mod manager has several features that make it a useful tool for modding BombSquad. Some of these features are:

  • It adds a new button in the settings menu that opens a window where you can access all the available mods.

  • It categorizes the mods into three types: minigames, utilities, and libraries. Minigames are mods that add new games to the game select screen. Utilities are mods that add UI elements or other non-game related features. Libraries are mods that can be used as dependencies by other mods.

  • It allows you to filter the mods by category or by name. You can also view specific mods by clicking on their names.

  • It shows you information about each mod, such as its description, author, version, size, downloads, ratings, screenshots, and source code.

  • It lets you download and install mods with one click. It also checks for updates and notifies you when there are new versions available.

  • It lets you delete mods with one click. It also warns you if you are deleting a mod that is required by another mod.

  • It has a settings menu where you can change some options such as the branch (the source of the mods), the language (the language of the mod descriptions), and the auto-update (whether to automatically update the mod manager and the mods).

How to install the mod manager?

To install the mod manager, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find your mods folder in your device. You can do this by going to Settings > Advanced > Show Mods Folder in BombSquad. This will open your file explorer and show you where your mods folder is located.

  • Download the mod manager zip file from the official GitHub repository. You can also use this link to download it directly.

  • Extract the zip file and copy the folder named "modManager" into your mods folder. You should see a new folder called "modManager" inside your mods folder.

  • Restart BombSquad and go to Settings > Advanced. You should see a new button called "Mod Manager". Click on it to open the mod manager window.

  • Congratulations, you have successfully installed the mod manager! You can now browse, download, install, and delete mods for BombSquad.

How to use the mod manager?

To use the mod manager, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the mod manager window by clicking on the "Mod Manager" button in Settings > Advanced.

  • Select a category of mods that you want to view. You can choose from minigames, utilities, or libraries. You can also type in a name of a mod in the search box to find it quickly.

  • Click on a mod that you want to view. You will see a window with information about the mod, such as its description, author, version, size, downloads, ratings, screenshots, and source code.

  • If you want to download and install the mod, click on the "Download" button. The mod will be downloaded and installed automatically. You will see a green check mark next to the mod name when it is installed.

  • If you want to delete the mod, click on the "Delete" button. The mod will be deleted from your device. You will see a red cross mark next to the mod name when it is deleted.

  • If you want to update the mod, click on the "Update" button. The mod will be updated to the latest version available. You will see a yellow exclamation mark next to the mod name when there is an update available.

  • If you want to change some settings of the mod manager, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the window. You will see a menu with options such as branch, language, and auto-update. You can change these options according to your preference.

Benefits of the mod manager

The mod manager has many benefits that make it a valuable tool for modding BombSquad. Some of these benefits are:

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  • It makes it easy and convenient to find, download, install, and manage mods for BombSquad. You don't have to search for mods on different websites or forums, or manually copy and paste files into your mods folder.

  • It saves you time and space by downloading and installing only the files that are needed for each mod. You don't have to download large zip files that contain unnecessary or duplicate files.

  • It keeps your mods organized and up-to-date by categorizing them and checking for updates regularly. You don't have to worry about missing out on new features or bug fixes for your favorite mods.

  • It enhances your game experience by allowing you to access a wide range of mods that can add new content, features, or improvements to BombSquad. You can enjoy more variety, creativity, and fun with your friends.

Drawbacks of the mod manager

The mod manager also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of before using it. Some of these drawbacks are:

  • It is not compatible with newer versions of BombSquad (1.5.x and higher). The developer has archived the project and stopped updating it since it is not feasible to maintain it with the changes in the game engine. If you want to use the mod manager, you have to use an older version of BombSquad (1.4.x or lower).

  • It may cause some issues or conflicts with some mods or game features. Some mods may not work properly or at all with the mod manager, or they may interfere with other mods or game functions. For example, some minigames may not show up in the game select screen, or some utilities may override some game settings.

  • It may affect your game performance or stability by adding extra load or bugs to your device. Some mods may be poorly coded or optimized, or they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or data. You should always be careful and cautious when downloading and installing mods from unknown sources.

Alternatives to the mod manager

If you are looking for alternatives to the mod manager, there are some other way


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