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George Gulyaev

Two Worlds II Call Of The Tenebrae-CODEX 2018 No Survey Free

5e4e3e2e1eVarious depictions of Orcus.Orcus(Demon lord)Basic information[9][10]Title(s)Lord of the Undead Prince of the Undead[1] Prince of Undeath Blood Lord Lord of Specters Master of Vampires The Shadow That Was[2]The Goat-Horned Demon[3]Aspects/AliasesTenebrous[4][5]HomeThanatos[6][7][8][note 1]GenderMasculine5e4e3e1e5th Edition Statistics[10][11]Power LevelDemon lordAlignmentChaotic evilChallenge rating26Home PlaneAbyssRealmThanatos4th Edition Statistics[12][13][14]AlignmentChaotic evilRealmThanatos3rd Edition Statistics[15][16]Power LevelDemon lordAlignmentChaotic evilChallenge rating28SymbolA black, skull-topped maceHome PlaneAbyssRealmThanatosDomainsChaos, Death, Demonic, EvilFavored weaponMorningstar1st Edition Statistics[19][20]Power LevelDemon lordAlignmentChaotic evilSymbolA horned goat's head[17][18]Orcus, also known as Tenebrous[2][6][22] was a demon prince and purported primordial[23] that served as master of the undead from the depths of the Abyss.[10][24] Returned from undeath but not technically alive, the Demon Lord of Undeath was the multiverse's staunchest advocate for stagnation, seeking to exterminate all life, to darken and desolate all worlds, until all that remained in his static reality were undead moved only by his will.[10][16][11][25] The Blood Lord[10] was believed to be one of the mightiest demon lords, one that inspired dread in the hearts of gods.[13] The Shadow That Was[26] was among the powers of the Abyss most often worshiped as deity by the mortals of the Prime Material plane, and even more than the Prince of Demons himself, was close to obtaining true divinity.[16][27]

Two Worlds II Call Of The Tenebrae-CODEX 2018 No Survey

While undead typically did not require food for sustenance, for much of his existence, Orcus had a gluttonous hunger that could never be satiated. His servants gathered food from across the planes of existence in the ongoing futile attempt to sate his cravings. Throughout his existence he has tasted among the finest delicacies originating from myriad worlds across the multiverse.[20] Only when the Blood Lord drank the blood of the living did he feel satisfaction.[13]


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