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[S3E1] The Prisoner

Michael continues to adapt to life in Sona in the meantime while noticing how Bellick is reduced to a prison bitch. There are scenes where Bellick is shown walking around bloodied and bruised and wearing only his underwear begging for food with another American inmate. We later learn that he and the other inmate are reduced to doing menial tasks by the prisoners such as cleaning out latrines and warming the prison. The other American prison bitch is later killed by the prison guards when he tries to run towards the prison fences.

[S3E1] The Prisoner

We learn, to our horror, that the soldiers here are killing the prisoners in the name of science, studying how long it takes for each to turn. Measuring the differences between genders and races and so forth. It all seems like an elaborate excuse to be cruel and sadistic. Noel Fisher from Shameless makes an appearance as one of Troy's lieutenants, though his time on the show is short-lived. That's too bad. He'd make a great villain.

One thing leads to another and both Madison and Travis decide that enough is enough. Travis, along with another prisoner and Nick, overpower the guards and escape. Madison, sick of Troy's creepy weirdness, drives a spoon into his eye and takes him hostage. This is probably the best thing Madison has ever done in the show. I'm not sure it's enough to get me to actually like her character, but it's a great bit of gruesome action and certainly deserves at least kudos.

She takes Troy out into the compound where she's immediately surrounded by armed men. Meanwhile, Alicia is off looking for a getaway vehicle. Nick and Lucia escape into the sewers, while the prisoner that brought them there is shot and then has his throat cut. The soldiers send him into the sewers as a zombie hunter. Travis is recaptured and taken to "the pit" where he's pitted against a couple dozen zombies, with only cinder blocks and rebar as weapons.

It's been three years since the events of Day 2. CTU Agent Jack Bauer has a new partner, Chase Edmunds, and they both interrogate Ramon Salazar, a prisoner that may be connected to bioterrorists that plan to release a deadly virus into L.A. President David Palmer seeks re-election with the help of his brother and chief of staff, Wayne Palmer. Kim Bauer and Chase have a secret relationship while Jack has a health problem that threatens his job as head of Field Ops.

Jack Bauer and his partner, Chase Edmunds walk into the Downey Federal Building. They are checked into the building after using a handprint scanner. They both approach an interrogation room where prisoner Ramon Salazar is seated and was escorted. Jack coughs and Chase asks if Jack is all right, and Jack answers he will be fine once Salazar signs the deal, ignoring Chase's real meaning. The D.A. Luis Annicon tells Jack that Salazar plans to give up the terrorists cells for a reduced prison sentence at a non-maximum security prison. Jack thinks this will hinder the unstable Salazar from divulging anything at all.

Back at the prison, Rick and the crew are pushing on, clearing out Walkers with hand-to-head combat. Sure, you've got your general prisoner zombies, some civilian zombies, but the best Walkers, hands down, goes to the Undead Riot Guards! What a great kill sequence and the Face-Peeler effects here were outstanding. You would think that once Rick secured a cell block and got considerably improved housing for his crew, he'd be happy, right? Wrong. Even after that victory, he turns a cold shoulder to a thankful Lori. This, in part, sets Lori off on a tirade of morbid thoughts that she confides to Hershel. Hershel does his best to assuage her fears of: a) an undead baby in her womb that may or may not attempt to crawl out, b) the fact that she may die in childbirth and c) may then team up with her undead baby to attack them all. I hear that all pregnant women have the same concerns.

He's leading an advance squad, he's a sergeant now, he's leading an advanced squad and they're overrun. They take them again as prisoner this time because he's wearing sergeant stripes. They put him in an isolated area and they beat them and tortured him he was bayoneted in the back he's got, he had scars all over his back from, from the bayonets because they were looking for information during one of the times in the days that they were holding him, an allied bomb hit the building and through all the confusion, Ramon was able to get out of the building.

Lori confides in Hershel that she fears the baby might be stillborn, and that it might be born a walker. She fears that Rick and Carl hate her, and that she sometimes wishes she had died on the farm. Hershel assures that it isn't true and that the baby will love Lori. Nonetheless she makes Hershel promise that if the baby is a stillborn or if she and the baby both die in childbirth not to hesitate, and put them both down. The group finds a plethora of weapons and suit up to further explore the prison. Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, and Hershel move deeper into the interior while Carl stays behind to guard the women. All seems quiet at first, but suddenly they run into several groups of walkers. In the darkness and confusion, Glenn and Maggie get separated from the group. When it's finally safe to venture back out, Hershel tries to find the two but is bitten on his calf by a walker that only appeared to be dead. The group then reunites and assists Hershel in getting out of the corridor. They take refuge in the cafeteria, where Rick, in an attempt to save Hershel, amputates his leg with a hatchet, causing him to go into shock and pass out from the ensuing blood loss. Then, five shadow figures appear in the adjacent room. Daryl prepares to fire, but realizes they are not walkers but are actually survivors living in the prison. He shines his flashlight in one of the prisoner's faces, to which Axel, one of the prisoners, exclaims, "Holy shit!"

... making a call to a well-dressed bald fella known only as The Man. The Man's got a metal container full of hooded prisoners, which are the people on his notorious 'List,' and there's one name yet to be scratched off: Dr. Harold Teller.

As the sun sets on this very strange day, Roberta does a recon around the perimeter and catches sight of The Man. It ends up being a zombie decoy, and Roberta is knocked unconscious by The Man and his troops. The Man throws her in with his hooded prisoners.

The metal container is delivered to the fancy house we saw at the beginning of the episode. The prisoners are escorted poolside, where their hoods are removed and they face their unknown host. Could this be the fabled Zona we've heard so much about? 041b061a72


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